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  • Custom knife maker Voodoo ice pick
  • Voodoo ice pick
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  • Tactical gear EDC Voodoo ICe Pick
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The Bladetricks Voodoo is our interpretation of the traditional Ice Pick tool.

These custom, One of a kind versions of our Voodoo Ice Picks have an exceptionally low profile and are extremely light and discreet.

The Voodoo Ice Picks tactical hat pins / hair pins are extremely reliable, tough and virtually maintenance-free.

Thanks to its excellent combination of high toughness and fatigue resistance, H13 steel is used more than any other tool steel in tooling applications, while the hand sculpted industrial grade canvas micarta provides a strong and secure grip in all conditions.


OAL: 220 mm OAL - 25 grams

Handle: hand sculpted industrial grade canvas micarta

Spike: H13 nitriled steel, 3mm diameter

Surface hardness: 70 HRc - Core hardness: 45 HRc

Kydex sheath


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