Bladetricks was founded in 2010 by A.N. Nash, an experienced special protection personnel & close quarter combat instructor, and was conceived from his experience and passion for handcrafted blades which he considers above all tools that should adapt to the user's needs.

Permanent collaboration with professionals, end users and skilled craftsmen are the key factors behind Bladetrick’s development in order to create simple and efficient, straight to the point and well thought through knives and tools.

A.N. Nash appreciates the value of handcrafted products. Each piece is completely unique and individually handmade by A.N. Nash in his small workshop using selected materials and a combination of complementary traditional and modern techniques.

The same curiosity that pushed Nash to create his first blades and to become a full time professional custom tool maker drives him to keep innovating, persistently looking for new functional blade designs that are easy to use, carry and maintain as well as for simple yet intelligent solutions for his discerning customers.

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                        A.N. Nash & the Tricks Team



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