• Due to the nature of our products, we only accept returns for defective goods ONLY.
  • If you think you have received a faulty/defective product, please contact us via E-mail ONLY.
  • If an item needs to be returned due to our error (wrong item shipped or defective good) we may offer a full refund including shipping at our discretion.
  • People who are either indecisive or get scared when the credit card bill comes due and have returned more knives than they have kept. If you fall into any of these two categories, please do everybody a favor and buy your gear at a show or physical store where you can hold it first hand.

Return Policy

If you feel the need to return your product:

  • Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Bladetricks is a small business and returns cost us money (card fees, customs and labor). It also ties up gear that could have been sold instead of being shipped back and forth.
  • You must notify us via E-mail ONLY within three (3) business days of the item being delivered. You have three (3) days from receipt of item to contact us via e-mail only and request a Return Authorization (RA) number. 
  • All returns MUST have a Return Authorization from Bladetricks prior to being sent back. 
  • All items must be returned in the same exact condition as they were received. This means if you carry the item, use it, test it or put any wear or handling marks on the item, it is yours.
  • Contact us before sending any item back as a return.
  • You are responsible for the item until it reaches us, so please pack it well, ensure it for its value and send us a confirmed tracking number. 
  • Returns must be received 21 days from the date you were issued an RA number. Returns received past that time period will be charged an extra handling fee.
  • Please allow 7-14 business days for us to process your return. You will be issued a refund for the cost of the item minus original shipping charges and restocking fees. If your order is qualified for our free shipping deal, we will deduct the actual cost of shipping from the refunded amount. 
  • Refunds will be issued in the same method as the order payment.


  • Bladetricks warrants to the registered first buyer that our knives and tools are guaranteed free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the knife or tool. This warranty covers replacement parts and labor. Bladetricks will inspect and make the final decision as to the cause of defect and whether to repair or replace any knife or tool.
  • The warranty may not cover normal wear, material loss from blade or tool resharpening or attempted repair, damage caused by neglect, misuse, intentional abuse or the failure to perform normal or necessary maintenance, disassembly of any knife or tool by any person other than Bladetricks' staff, or shipping costs for returned knives or tools.
  • Repair or replacement as provided under this warranty is the exclusive remedy of the first buyer, with Bladetricks reserving the right to make the final decision between the two. Bladetricks shall not be liable for any incidental, reliance, or consequential damages or breach of implied warranty on this product, including any damage to person or property. Bladetricks liability under any circumstances is limited to the original purchase price.
  • All Bladetricks items have a warranty against manufacturer defects for the life of the item that applies to the first buyer only.
  • Bladetricks warranty is void if the knife has been abused beyond normal wear and tear or used beyond what are considered the normal parameters for a blade. It is up to the discretion of Bladetricks whether to refuse, repair or replace a damaged or defective item.
  • In any case refund, replace or repair will only be made to the first buyer of the item.
  • Bladetricks warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, misuse, alteration or abuse. A knife is a knife and not a chisel, a screwdriver, a pry bar or hammer, and it is not intended for use as such. Most of our knives are not designed for throwing. Do not use any of Bladetricks tools in any of these capacities or anything that is not its intended use unless specified.
  • Bladetricks warranty does not cover an item that is damaged by alterations, customization, improper maintenance, neglect, abuse, accident (I dropped it...) or normal wear and tear as determined at our discretion.
  • We do not guarantee the durability of paracord, natural handle materials (such as wood,  yute etc...) or the reaction of any material to water and air (rust, oxidation, etc.)
  • This warranty is void if the item is disassembled.
  • The warranty does not cover accessories (sheaths, clips, loops, etc...).
  • Bladetricks will not be responsible for careless handling or unsafe use and assumes no responsibility for incidental or consequential damages, with respect to economic loss or injury to property.