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Bladetricks Crack Mini is a forward step in our obsession for extremely simple CQC tools requiring no maintenance that will fit your EDC / bug out bag (BOB) urban kit.

Lightweight, portable and imposing, the Bladetricks Crack has been carefully designed to avoid weak points and will create serious damage at the target with every strike.

Hand made from a single piece of tough, impact resistant 4340 alloy steel, the Bladetricks Mini Crack Mace has been appropriately heat treated (hardened and tempered) in our digitally controlled electric kiln to achieve the correct proportions of strength, toughness and hardness.

A discrete antique finish has been applied, offering good rust protection and an authentic old look.


4340 high strength steel, 8 mm thick

OAL: 280 mm

550 paracord wrap

530 grams


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