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As simple, versatile, and foolproof as possible, the Bladetricks Ice Pry is one of our most popular products.
Wedge, pry bar, screwdriver and awl in a minimalistic, practical and easy to use design. A must have in your EDC/BOB urban kit.
The original flat screw driver tip and pointy versions of the Ice Pry are made from 5 mm thick O1 tool steel (a steel designed for tool making) and has been rigorously heat treated in our workshop in a digitally controlled kiln.
O1 tool steel, 5 mm thick
OAL: 290 mm - 80 grams
550 Paracord wrapping - Kydex sheath

Bladetricks custom made products ARE NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE.If interested in any of this items or in a custom made version please fill our CONTACT FORM BELLOW

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