After designing the Pikal Trench knife for one of my returning customers I got excited with the performance of its newly designed knuckle duster / guard:

Pikal trench knife

A trench knife is a combat knife designed to incapacitate an enemy at close quarters, such as in a trench or other confined area. It was developed as a close combat weapon for soldiers attacking enemy trenches during the First World War.

The trench knife is still considered by many the ultimate close-quarters combat blade. With a narrow blade designed for stabbing and a finger guard that doubles as a knuckle duster, the trench knife is excellent for messy and claustrophobic situations, such as the brutal trench warfare of World War.


The next step was to make a very portable EDC version of it, a pocket size self defense tool:

Titianium pikal knuckle duster

The Baby Trench excels in extreme close - quarters combat / grappling situations and is capable of causing serious tissue damage despite its small size:

A slightly bigger custom version of the Baby Trench was also made for a Pikal / Libre fighting system practitioner:

Pocket Pikal titanium blade

This custom made version, slightly bigger than the original Baby Trench thanks to its third spike or horn in the lower part, allows even faster movements in grappling and CQC situations:

Tactical titanium knuckle

Despite its compact pocket size and weight, the Baby Trench and Custom Baby Trench are capable of causing serious tissue damage and 

 (All my blades can be customized to tailor customer's needs)

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