I didn't design a Bowie inspired knife for a long time and I wanted to make one with the characteristic Bladetricks touch. The original idea was to make an imposing Bowie style combat knife, big enough and light at the same time:

(All my blades can be customized to tailor customer's needs)

The bowie knife lives as a symbol of passionate times, and no American knife design carries the weight of legend and history like the famous Bowie Knife. No one really knows who made the first Bowie knife (The original knife has been attributed to more than a dozen makers), and this has been the subject of ongoing controversy for nearly 200 years. Most sportsmen recognize the knife immediately, even though it comes in wide variations of shape, size, and handle and guard style.

A March 1847 article by J.C. Robertson in The Mechanics' Magazine referred to the Bowie knife as “a wearable, convenient, close-combat weapon — a short sword much shorter than the saber or other swords of the day, yet still possessing a heavy blade. This cleaver-like blade had enough weight to give the blade sufficient force in a slashing attack, while permitting the use of cut-and-thrust sword fighting tactics.”Nowadays Bowie knives can vary in size, materials and blade shape to a degree, but somehow remain easily recognizable. The Bowie’s clip point inspired the legendary Ka-Bar knife, the U.S. Air Force knife and the unique SOG Bowie military knife made for Special Operations Forces in Vietnam.

The Bladetricks Morcalo is a large Bowie style knife with a long shaving sharp cutting edge, an efficient penetrating tip and a long multi-position handle. An imponent and very capable knife to face the most challenging situations: